How to Start Raising More Money – Successful Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Have you ever known a nonprofit that doesn’t need or want to raise more money?

Yeah, me neither.

When thinking about how to increase your philanthropic revenue, do you know where to start? I mean REALLY know?

Think about this: before the introduction of the first iPhone, we didn’t know that we needed a device that would allow us to listen to music, and then have the music automatically stop when a call came through.

Now, we can’t imagine life without it.

Successful Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

I think the same is true with fundraising. You need a solid development plan that may have strategies that you didn’t know you needed.

In my work as a strategist to nonprofits, I’m often asked the question, “So where do we start?”

Before anyone can tell you the answer to that, you need to understand the scope of your fundraising, past and present. With that clarity, then you can think about moving forward.

A comprehensive development assessment will help so that you may plan – and grow your fundraising with confidence. An assessment will give you a historical analysis of how you’ve been raising money. It will show you, in black and white, how your various fundraising tactics have performed, illustrating their strengths and weaknesses.

Based on that data, you’ll have an understanding of your “best bet” options for growing philanthropic revenue, how to deploy volunteer and staff resources, and what investments you might need to make over time.

I love assessments. It’s fun uncovering the stories that data reveal through the process. And more than anything, I love seeing the faces of board and staff when new ideas are uncovered for them.

I’m asked about assessments frequently, so I’ve created my own Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising Assessments.

I’m happy to share my thoughts about assessments in greater detail. Visit my website to more about the process.

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